ASUS RT-AC3200 (Ver: R2.35) WiFi Media Bridge Link Test

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WiFi Media Bridge Link testing between some of ASUS AC routers and RT-AC3200 based on iPerf3 with the following setup :

Note : The following test was based on my devices with specific settings (OS/software/version etc) and environment setup.  The results may vary depending on individual's device/hardware/software/setting/environment.  It's for my own reference only and should not be used for any other benchmarking or comparison purposes.


The router's FW version and wireless setting as follows:

2015-09-17 19.10.40-2G.jpg2015-09-17 19.11.00-5G.jpg2015-09-17 19.11.24-5G2.jpg2015-09-18 00.03.05-5G2-Setting1.jpg


ASUS RT-AC56U (H/W ver: A1)

2015-09-17 18.58.45-5G.jpg2015-09-17 18.59.42.jpg2015-09-17 19.00.43-5G-R.jpg2015-09-17 19.01.37.jpg2015-09-17 19.07.25-5G2.jpg2015-09-17 19.08.03.jpg2015-09-17 19.08.55-5G2-R.jpg2015-09-17 19.09.38.jpg

ASUS RT-AC66U (H/W ver: A1)

2015-09-17 19.39.34-5G.jpg2015-09-17 19.40.16.jpg2015-09-17 19.41.06-5G-R.jpg2015-09-17 19.41.48.jpg2015-09-17 21.19.23-5G2.jpg2015-09-17 21.20.17.jpg2015-09-17 21.21.24-5G2-R.jpg2015-09-17 21.22.07.jpg

ASUS RT-AC68U (H/W ver: A1)

2015-09-17 21.36.04-5G.jpg2015-09-17 21.36.44.jpg2015-09-17 21.37.33-5G-R.jpg2015-09-17 21.38.15.jpg2015-09-17 21.57.19-5G2.jpg2015-09-17 21.57.59.jpg2015-09-17 21.58.46-5G2-R.jpg2015-09-17 21.59.27.jpg

ASUS EA-AC87 (H/W ver: A1)

2015-09-17 22.11.07-5G.jpg2015-09-17 22.12.00.jpg2015-09-17 22.12.46-5G-R.jpg2015-09-17 22.13.30.jpg

I setup the 5G's 2nd band as "N/AC Mixed" mode hoping to get pure AC traffic and better performance.  But somehow it didn't perform well as per my expectation and seem to be worst than the "Auto" mode in 5G's 1st band undecided :

So I disable the "AMPDU" and "Airtime Fairness" as follows:

and continue testings ...

2015-09-18 00.10.52-5G2-Setting2-ChgTo.jpg2015-09-18 00.24.50-5G2.jpg2015-09-18 00.25.43.jpg2015-09-18 00.26.31-5G2-R.jpg2015-09-18 00.27.12.jpg



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