Finally, the long awaited stock Broadcom-base router with 3 digits vlan-tagging support, YES !! Laughing
Broadcom BCM4718@480, Full Gigabit Switch, 2 x USB2, 32MB Flash Memory + 128MB RAM, 3 Years Warranty smilie

My respect & thanks to ASUS team for their continuous strong support effort in making the very first Broadcom gigabit router to support UniFi, you guys really rock !! Cool


I still can remember how disappointed and frustrated last year when I tried to source for UniFi alternative on Broadcom router, even tried on DD-WRT, but back then was told there was no way to create 3 digits vlan-tagging on Broadcom devices ....... Now, I believe my hunt is over, this will bring back my previous unforgettable memory on the old G-only impressive Broadcom performance (like the WHR-HP-G54) Wink

Honestly, I'm very happy and excited, I think not only this will make some happier users in Malaysia, others around the globe may also find this a break-through. smilie

I guess this is my best present for today's 2011Sep16 Malaysia Day, another unforgettable Broadcom-day !! smilie

Some product photos

The packaging


The device is considered larger than normal router size, read further down you'll know why ....
I particularly like the fact that it has lots of holes for good ventilation purpose, both top & bottom.
Eventhough it looks big, the overall product finishing is really good, it really gives me the "solid" feel, another ASUS good quality product !

The white colour finishing is really white, I mean it doesn't give me those minor yellowish-white usually found on other white colour product.  This is really WHITE !! Smile

Blue LED lights on white colour finishing, really looks cool !! Cool


Technical spec from ASUS & DD-WRT wiki

Look at the PCB size & materials used, it even has a considerably big heat sink on top of the Broadcom chip, something I hardly seem on a router device, impressive !! smilie
Now you should know & appreciate why this device size is larger than usual ! smilie






Stock Firmware Utilities & Manuals :




Click HERE for firmware testing on UniFi  [Beta FW]

New UI --> the ASUSWRT is now available !! [Beta FW]

Click HERE for firmware testing on UniFi  [FW]

Refer HERE for firmware & setup for UniFi