ASUS RT-N18U (Rev.A1)  2.4GHz @ 600Mbps

Actually got the unit together with the stunning RT-AC87U, was really busy no time to test, also was waiting for 2nd FW release ...
Anyway, just unpack & did some tests recently on this brand-new RT-N18U "geng" 2.4GHz router --> replacement to the previous reliable RT-N16 Smile 

Again, courtesy & thanks to ASUS Taiwan & Malaysia Laughing



Nice packaging, ASUS black knight with matte feel design, overall size slightly smaller than the previous brother RT-N16, 3 external exposed antenna, good ventilation holes around, nice design outlook Cool

CPU @800MHz, 128/256MB Flash/RAM size, gigabit ports, 1xUSB3 + 1xUSB2 ports, 3 external antenna, consider "geng" (powerful) hardware spec for a 2.4GHz router Laughing

Product Information / Reference:

 4 Nov'2014 : Officially launched in Malaysia !!

UniFi Connection

Can't wait to setup & connect UniFi for testing Tongue Out

All the latest Malaysian fibre ISP available including my UniFi-Home Laughing

Complete the UniFi setup as usual, then straight go for WiFi testings ...

The first thing I check 1 of my mobile phone wifi signal, immediately I noticed the signal is quite strong & stable Surprised
At downstairs, around 12 ft away from the router:

 At upstairs, into the room's bathroom :

I hardly see such signal bar on my mobile phone before, this device really "geng" !

Also understand this device is equipped with Broadcom 4360 with TurboQAM feature, let's see how it performs on my following laptops & mobile devices ...


WiFi Test - Laptops

2014-10-06 19.54.26-U32U.jpg2014-10-06 20.09.53.jpg2014-10-07 00.56.34-E5400.jpg2014-10-07 01.05.58.jpg2014-10-07 01.41.15-T440.jpg2014-10-07 01.57.37.jpg2014-10-07 02.01.25.jpg2014-10-07 10.17.26-TM8371G.jpg2014-10-07 10.38.33.jpg2014-10-07 17.00.16-R830.jpg2014-10-07 17.11.20.jpg

Signal is strong & consistent throughout, transfer rate seem fast & stable, especially on newer laptops


WiFi Test - Mobile Devices


Can see the wifi signal is quite strong too, overall transfer rate seem normal


Overall wireless performance is quite impressive, especially on newer laptops like the Thinkpad T440 laptop with Intel AC adapter, almost 18/24MB/s Write/Read rate on a 2.4GHz router Surprised   Very GENG for a 2.4GHz router !!


Hmmm... why a AC adapter can runs so well on this 2.4 GHz router Foot in Mouth  Well, guess this is the price we pay for Broadcom Wink


Continue to connect con-currently, the device still stable & fast !

After couple of hours, this device really runs hot Foot in Mouth  probably too much "Turbo" liao Sealed
Better place a ventilation fan below ... how I wish ASUS could have design a stand for this device, just like the RT-N66U ...

Amway, tested this device around 2 days, everything is good except I'm having some problem on the IPv6 ... already provide feedback & log details to ASUS, hope the next FW will release soon ...

Since this is relatively new device, the FW may still need further adjustment/tuning Smile

Update: Was informed by ASUS that another beta FW has been released to fix the IPv6 issue ... busy this 1~2 weeks ... will find time to test later ...


RT-N18U  Review Kit


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