ASUS RT-AC87U (Rev.A1) AC2400 - Wireless 5GHz Test  (FW

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Looking at the datasheet, this new router is equipped with modern & powerful Broadcom chips and newer features.
Honestly, when I look at the AC2400 rating, I believe it's a bit overkill for my home network, I doubt I can fully test the device's maximum capability ...
Anyway, I started with the 5.8GHz spectrum wireless test to see how it perform, by using some of my home laptops/PCs/NAS to test, spec as follows :


To test the max speed without any interference, all devices were placed 10ft around the router.


WiFi 5GHz Test - on laptops

Test results on both my Lenovo ThinkPad T440 Ultrabook & Dell Latitude E5400 :

2014-08-30 13.49.07-T440.jpg2014-08-30 13.53.38.jpg2014-08-30 14.10.34.jpg2014-08-31 00.36.07-E5400-5G.jpg2014-08-31 00.45.39.jpg2014-08-31 00.55.58.jpg2014-08-31 01.04.54.jpg

I'm impressed with the T440's 5G connection Surprised
It maintained at around 600~800Mbps connection rate, mostly stable at 780Mbps level
The Write/Read rate is around 35~45MB/s, really fast ! My T440 is on a 5400rpm HDD, I think can go faster if equipped my T440 with SSD ..Tongue Out..

As for my older E5400, the 5G connection & transfer rate consider average only, may be this new toys doesn't like older machine 5G adapter, hmm...


WiFi 5GHz Test - on mobile phones

Tested on some of my household mobile phones with 5GHz connection

Test results as follows:


Both Note3 & S4 connection rate stated as around 433Mbps, Nexus4 around 65Mbps, FonePad7 around 150Mbps
Note3 transfer rate seem the highest, both S4 & Nexus4 quite similar, FonePad7 seem to be lowest
Again, seem like the AC87U like newer devices 5G?! Hmmm...


WiFi 5GHz Test - with ASUS PCE-AC66U

I know this PCIe AC66U adapter can really perform, so I setup on 1 of my old PC Dell Vostro V220s with Samsung 840Evo SSD, install Win8.1Pro and updated to latest available.  And the test result ...

2014-08-30 21.25.19-PCE-AC66-V220s.jpg2014-08-30 21.26.54.jpg2014-08-30 21.28.41.jpg2014-08-30 21.30.11.jpg

IMPRESSIVE I must say, even on 3 antenna, the AC87U simply take all the PCE-AC66 total maximum speed @1300MHz !!Surprised!!
Write/Read speed around 50~68MB/s, the highest I've tested through wireless so far, almost hitting my current home NAS max speed liao Surprised
When Broadcom 2 Broadcom talk, it flies Tongue Out

I believe the AC87U can still go higher if connect with another AC2400 adapter .. hmm .. by then might need to setup Link Aggregation / Teaming liao .. on my home network .. ?! Sealed


WiFi 5GHz Test - with ASUS EA-N66U

I personally quite like this small nice looking (especially the blue LED lights!) pyramid shape design dual-band gigabit wireless bridge device. Even it's a Ralink chip, ASUS does it quite well to connect almost any base wireless. I always use it if I need higher throughput, also convenient and fast to setup LAN sharing without cable.

So I setup the EA-N66U wireless bridge connect to the AC87U, then connect it's gigabit port to my Toshiba R830 laptop, test result as follows:

2014-08-31 03.30.57-EA66-Bridge.jpg2014-08-31 03.31.12.jpg2014-08-31 03.43.11-R830-EA66U.jpg2014-08-31 03.46.58.jpg2014-08-31 03.51.20.jpg2014-08-31 03.56.10-T440-EA66U.jpg2014-08-31 03.59.20.jpg

Overall Write/Read speed around 17~24MB/s, consider ok already for a non-AC small device without external antenna Smile


WiFi 5GHz Test - ASUS Media Bridge connection (RT-AC66U)

ASUS made wireless bridging easier for user through it's "Media Bridge" Operation Mode under the Administration page. It's pretty straight forward to setup, just follow the on-screen instruction to search & connect to the base WiFi station will do.

Currently I don't have another AC2400 equivalent device around, so I just setup this AC66U with 3 antenna with Media Bridge @5GHz to see how it performs. Here's the setup & some test result:

2014-08-31 02.40.30-AC66U-MBridge.jpg2014-08-31 02.40.47-AC66U-MBridge.jpg2014-08-31 02.41.01.jpg2014-08-31 02.41.08.jpg2014-08-31 02.43.45.jpg2014-08-31 02.53.51-AC66U-T440.jpg2014-08-31 03.04.26-AC66U-R830.jpg2014-08-31 03.06.15.jpg2014-08-31 03.20.50.jpg2014-08-31 03.23.40.jpg

Link rate stated at 975Mbps as shown on the RT-AC66U Surprised not sure how accurate it is ...
Write/Read rate is quite consistent around 32~38MB/s on my ThinkPad T440 without SSD
On the Toshiba R830 with Plextor SSD, the Write/Read rate seem to improve around 40~48MB/s, nice !!Laughing!!

Although not as fast as the 3 antenna PCE-AC66 above, this RT-AC66U perform well enough as bridging & and sharing station.

Hopefully to get another AC2400 equivalent soon to really test the max Media Bridge performance on this INCREDIBLE again ...


WiFi 5GHz Test - ASUS Media Bridge connection (RT-N66U)

How about bridging it with non-AC device? Let's find out ...

So I'm using this RT-N66U, setup Media Bridge mode connect to the RT-AC87U as base station, test results as follows:

2014-08-31 15.54.08-N66UB1-MBridge.jpg2014-08-31 15.54.23.jpg2014-08-31 15.55.03.jpg2014-08-31 16.18.10-N66UB1-T440.jpg2014-08-31 16.22.45.jpg2014-08-31 16.26.31.jpg2014-08-31 16.31.15.jpg2014-08-31 16.40.07-N66B1-R830.jpg2014-08-31 16.42.34.jpg2014-08-31 16.45.44.jpg2014-08-31 16.48.19.jpg

Link rate stated at 450Mbps as shown on the RT-N66U, seem to be the max rate already
Initially Write/Read transfer rate seem to fluctuate anything from 11~30MB/s, but as I keep testing, it seem to settle down around 28~33MB/s, not sure why ...

Not as fast like those ACs, I would say it's another option to consider for bridging setup Smile


Alright, that's all on 5GHz testings on this INCREDIBLE based on my home setup & devices. Might not be representing enough though, since every user's environment, setup & devices might not be the same. Wink

Will update further if got AC2400 equivalent devices to test ...


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