EA-N66 Test (Firmware


My only intention is to bridge this device wirelessly (Ethernet mode) with my base WiFi device @5GHz.
The following setup & testing is based on connection with RT-N66U-B1 as the base unit @5GHz.

When I first got the device, the default firmware is



I downloaded the latest firmware from ASUS official website HERE
Performed Factory Restore, both before and after applying the firmware, then continue the following setup .....

After the device re-booted, either enter default IP or enter the address as follow, choose the first option
(Note: Must use at least a Cat5e cable or the stock cable to connect laptop/desktop to the device's LAN port)

It will start to search for base unit

Noticed the device can detect both 2.4 & 5 band, choose the 5GHz band

Enter same password as per the base unit and click Connect

Wait for it to complete the process

Once connected successfully:

  • unplug the network cable, wait for at least 1min
  • plug-in the network cable
  • your laptop/desktop should obtain the IP from the base unit


Wireless Speed Test  (RT-N66U ~~~ EA-N66)


Test scenario: Copy single large file from/to between PC1 and my ACER TM8371G laptop based on my setup


Copy From (RX)

Transfer rate easily more than 21MB/s smilie !
Connection and speed stable throughout, speed tend to increase slightly mid-way through



Copy To (TX)

Transfer rate easily more than 23MB/s smilie !!
Connection and speed stable throughout


Run LAN Speed Test Tool Result


The bridging performance between the Knight (RT-N66U) & the Pyramid (EA-N66) is really IMPRESSIVE I must say !! smiliesmilie
Overall throughput rate is stable and strong, this is by far the highest wireless transfer rate I've ever obtained (as of July2012) on my laptop !

Honestly, before I started the test, I was worrying about possible compatibility & stability issue by getting a Ralink "talk" to a Broadcom wirelessly Sealed ....
I guess ASUS must have done quite some awesome work to continue making yet another impressive Universal Bridging/Repeater/AP device, thumbs up !

Anywhere, I have a strong feeling it can perform better, looking at the above transfer rate testing, now I'm wondering/suspecting there might be physical limitation on either the laptop (such as CPU or HDD), the NAS transfer speed or other factors ....  Hmmm, guess I'll have to setup some serous stuff to test it's limit again soon ........

Well, I hope the increasing wireless speed & N900 era is not going to force me to change/revamp my other devices so soon ... smilie ...