As those N900 dual-band routers are getting more popular and powerful now, after tested the ASUS RT-N56U & RT-N66U-B1, I really can feel my regular laptop 5GHz adapter can no longer cope with the speed liao .... smilie
Luckily ASUS released yet another impressive universal repeater/AP device to optimise and take full advantage of the N900 era --> welcome the EA-N66  Cool


One of the best universal repeater/AP I'm seem so far, I'm particularly impressed with the unique "pyramid" style design, small & light, excellent built quality!  Another top quality device from ASUS ! smilie

Power-on, look at the blue LED lights, damn cool Cool
Can I use it as part of home deco item ?! LaughingTongue out




Product Information:




Don't be fooled by this little "pyramid" device, it equipped with a Ralink RT3883 @500MHz, 8MB flash & 128MB RAM size,  a gigabit ports .... smilie
This is indeed no ordinary "ah-beng ah-seng, ah-hui ah-lian" universal repeater/AP, don't play-play aah... smilie

Check out the following bridging/pairing tests with those tai-ko Knights to see how powerful this little device can be ...... Cool



EA-N66 [FW] Setup & Bridging (Ethernet Mode) test with RT-N66U