EA-N66 Test With RT-AC66U

Wireless bridge connect EA-N66 to base station RT-AC66U

I'm using an old Dell Latitude E5400 laptop with this spec:

Setup as follows:

Dell Latitude E5400 <--LAN--> EA-N66 <~~Wireless Bridge~~> RT-AC66U


The Pyramid "meet" the AC Knight at 1Gbps speed Surprised

LANTest speed result Surprised

Excellent speed, damn "geng" 劲啊 (powerful) !! Laughing !!

Bear in mind, the EA-N66 is on Ralink and the RT-AC66U is on Broadcom
ASUS must have done an excellent job in making this 2 chips to "talk" with impressive speed !!

Again, 劲啊 Cool


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