Setup UniFi

Pretty much the same setup like all other ASUSWRT devices ..Smile..


WiFi Setup
General setup for both 2.4 & 5 GHz, I prefer to assign specific channel number, no Auto-mode

I always turn-off WPS & set "Short" preamble for both 2.4 & 5 GHz


QoS - Basic Setup
Turn-on QoS function, enter both Up/Down load speed according to your subscribed package
(mine just upgraded to 10Mbps recently Smile)

I just setup some basic rules as follows  (you may need to setup/tweak according to your specific requirements)


WiFi Test

This is the most important test for me as I really want to know how this AC beast will perform ....


On my Acer-TM8371 (Intel AGN5100 WiFi Adapter) @ 5GHz
Excellent speed !

I guess this is the best my Acer can go already, but I still believe this beast can do better ...

So I pulled out my Dell Latitude E5400 (same Intel AGN5100 WiFi Adapter) to test on the 5GHz again, and the result is ..Surprised..
xcellent speed too, especially the Read speed seem to be better than my Acer TM8371
(Note: On the speed shown, during connection transfer it will show 300Mbps, after no transfer it will show 150Mbps)

Up to now, this is the fastest 5GHz result I've ever get on my 2 old laptops
I believe newer laptop with better 5GHz & hardware spec might do better than this Smile

WiFi Test @ 2.4GHz

Good speed too !


WiFi Test With EA-N66  Surprised

(Click the above link to read more ...)


WiFi Test With PCE-AC66 --> The Ultimate 802.11ac Speed SurprisedCool

(Click the above link to read more ...)


USB - Download Manager (BT)


I formatted an external HDD with Ext3, insert into the device, can identify without any issue


My main purpose is torrenting, so just go to the following and install the Download Manager Laughing


Follow the steps to complete DM installation ...

Take note this process may take some time, be patient to wait for the installation to complete ....


Once installation completed, click it to start DM

ASUSWRT's DM is based on Transmission, features & functions pretty the same like previous ASUSWRT FW


Let's torrenting gao-gao, full speed ahead on my VIP10  Laughing


Overall tested & stressed (especially on wireless testings) for 3 days with some 15 different type of devices connected to it ..Tongue Out..

This beast still kicking alive, no hang no slow-down, both UniFi internet & IPTV no disconnection/connection issue Laughing
Only thing it can get very hot easily, especially under stress-test Yell
So better get cooling fan or something to cool it down if you intend to torture it gao-gao Tongue Out

Really enjoy this toys, unforgettable AC speed experience, robust & stable, another impressive Knight indeed ! Cool


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