That's right, donate more than RM100 to National Cancer Society Malaysia (NSCM) you get a brand new RT-N56U absolutely FREE !! laughing !!


This is a special donation campaign by DirectD (at Federal Highway outlet) & ASUS Malaysia, which was just started over the weekend on 6Aug2016.  Be kind to donate and help those needed, reward yourself with a new RT-N56U (while stock last) smile 


Eventhough this dual-band N600 router was released in 2011, it's still in production until now.  The donation campaign free unit I get was manufactured this year :

The RT-N56U is one of my favourite toys, it's unique diamond shinning design without external exposed antenna, lights up the LED is really nice looking cool

Like any other ASUSWrt, the stock FW comes with Malaysia & Singapore ISP profile VLANs support including UniFi out of the box.
The best part is that, it can be flashed directly to Padavan build (thanks & credit to him) laughing

2016-08-07 17.12.13-StockFW.jpg2016-08-07 17.12.44-UniFi.jpg2016-08-07 17.13.02.jpg2016-08-07 17.13.51-FlashPadavan.jpg2016-08-07 17.14.52.jpg2016-08-07 17.18.36.jpg2016-08-07 17.27.44.jpg2016-08-07 17.27.56.jpg

Done, the RT-N56U is now on Padavan build, good to go and enjoy extra features laughing !!