ASUS RT-AC5300 (HW Ver: R1.31)  WiFi Media Bridge Link Test

(From previous post HERE)

WiFi Media Bridge link test based on iPerf3 with the following setup :

Note : The following test was based on my devices with specific settings (OS/software/version etc) and environment setup.  The wireless test results may vary depending on device/hardware/software/setting/environment.  This test is meant for my own reference only and should not be used for any benchmarking or comparison purposes.


The router's FW version and wireless setting as follows:

2016-04-06 19.39.49-AC5300-WiFi-setting.jpg2016-04-06 19.40.26.jpg2016-04-06 19.40.41.jpg2016-04-06 19.40.48.jpg2016-04-06 19.41.20.jpg2016-04-06 19.41.33.jpg2016-04-06 19.41.44.jpg

Test scenario & condition :

  • All PCs run on current latest same Windows 10 (ver. 1511) 64-bit
  • All PCs use current latest iPerf3.1.2
  • All ASUS routers use current latest FW available from ASUS official website
  • 2 PCs connect through the router's LANport run iPerf3 as server, AntiVirus & Windows Firewall turn-off, no other apps running
  • During testing, the router is connected to UniFi internet (both IPv4 & IPv6) with IPTV streaming HD channel non-stop at LANport4
  • The test PC will connect to the Media Bridge link device and run iPerf3 as client, run 2 tests to the 2 iPerf3 PC server separately
  • Only 1 wireless device is connected and run the iPerf3 test at one time

WiFi Media Bridge Link Test @5GHz (5G-1 & 5G-2)  (EA-AC87URT-AC68URT-AC87URT-AC88U / RT-AC3200)

2016-04-06 18.03.54-EAAC87.jpg2016-04-06 18.05.05.jpg2016-04-06 18.11.59-5G2.jpg2016-04-06 18.13.40.jpg2016-04-06 18.27.49-AC68U.jpg2016-04-06 18.28.48.jpg2016-04-06 18.34.54-5G2.jpg2016-04-06 18.36.01.jpg2016-04-06 18.46.07-AC87U.jpg2016-04-06 18.47.15.jpg2016-04-06 18.55.39-5G2.jpg2016-04-06 18.58.11.jpg2016-04-06 19.11.52-AC88U.jpg2016-04-06 19.12.59.jpg2016-04-06 19.18.03-5G2.jpg2016-04-06 19.19.07.jpg2016-04-06 19.31.10-AC3200.jpg2016-04-06 19.32.17.jpg2016-04-06 19.37.36-5G2.jpg2016-04-06 19.38.45.jpg