D-Link L7-N-R2000 (Rev. A1E) - free 9dbi Antenna

D-Link's answer to improve TM's L7 router wireless signal --> a pair of 9dbi antenna (comes free) to boost up the wireless signal surprised

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Thanks D-Link Malaysia for the test unit smile

This L7 is exactly the same like the previous TM's L7, with some differences like without TM logo (on top), label (at the back), also some slight modification to the firmware.
In fact, this device is the same with D-Link DIR614 :

This is a low-end budget device with Realtek chip, has been out for quite a long time already.  After TM ditched the L7, it seem D-Link still has quite some stock, so they modified the firmware a bit, and equipped it with a pair of free 9dbi antenna to boost up wireless signal.

To be honest, this is the first time I saw a little small device carrying a long pair of 9dbi antenna, obviously it puts on more weight to the device, no comment on the overall outlook, but it really feels like the L7 can over-turn any time foot-in-mouth

Anyway, this L7 support UniFi out of the box as expected, my UniFi setup as follows :

2015-04-27 13.59.31-Setup.jpg2015-04-27 13.59.51.jpg2015-04-27 14.00.16.jpg2015-04-27 14.02.04.jpg2015-04-27 14.02.54.jpg2015-04-27 14.03.36-IPv6.jpg2015-04-27 14.03.51.jpg2015-04-27 14.04.26.jpg

DDNS only support DynDNS and no others ..frown..

Internet (Vlan.500) & IPTV (Vlan.600) works well without any issue smile

SpeedTest is ok with good ping as well on my VIP20 package :


However, when I setup the IPv6 with Google DNS like this :

But after connected, it shows no DNS at all :

I tested it's still works on IPv6 sites, I suspect it's still using the default TM's DNS and ignored the Google DNS innocent
Will report this to D-Link, hopefully will fix on next FW releas ...

Next, outdoor 9dbi wireless signal testing, stay tuned ...



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