RB750/750G - WebProxy


I want to setup access control and block certain sites, after going through the Wiki, it WebProxy to achieve the objective.

Documentation & references:


Login to the device using WinBox

Go to IP-->WebProxy, setup as follow, use any proxy port you prefer.
Click OK when done

Click on "Access" button to setup & block websites.
Eg, to block Facebook, enter " :facebook " action=Deny , this will block any website contain the word "facebook"
Click OK when done


To prevent external (public) from accessing the WebProx, setup the following firewall rule on Input chain




Move the rule higher, before "Drop everything else"


Now setup & direct all web browsing traffic ports (revise/add if needed) to the WebProxy as follows



Move the rule after the default NAT


Basically the WebProxy setup is completed, test to ensure it can block those sites setup under Access list earlier.

There are some PCs which I don't want to block, first I have to assign Static IP with MAC address for those PCs.
Go to IP-->DHCP Server, assign those PCs with Static IP as follows:

For the Client ID field, use the PC's MAC address, just replace the first character with "1:", assign it to unblock Address List (eg, "Unblock-IPs)


Go back to the Firewall where you setup input chain re-direct, enter the following to exclude those Unblock IPs which you assign with fixed IP above.


Done, enjoy blocking ! Laughing


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