DNS-320 - FunPlug 0.7 + Transmission


Product information:


Thanks & credits go to the following: Smile


Please read through the above 2 links to understand better before proceeding !

My home NASs as of July'2012 Tongue out

I have 3 units of DNS-320 and I use 1 of it for FunPlug + Transmission to serve as download center


I hard-reset the device (by pressing & holding the re-set button at the back for >1min) before starting the following setup


After hard-reset, I setup as follows

Consider to subscribe free DDNS account from either no-ip or DLinkDDNS



I used a Seagate 640GB SATA and configured as Standard volume


Installing FunPlug 0.7


Go HERE and download this 2 files


Navigate and browse Network to locate the device

double-click on "Volume_1"

copy that 2 files here  (at the top directory of Volume_1)


Restart the device


After the device re-booted, navigate to Volume_1, noticed a sub-folder "ffp" and a ffp.log file created automatically --> that means FunPlug already installed !


Next few steps I just followed Uli's guide, thanks to him again ! Smile

PuTTY to the device via Telnet


Change the device's root password

usermod -s /ffp/bin/sh root
mkdir -p /ffp/home/root/
sed -ie 's#:/home/root:#:/ffp/home/root:#g' /etc/passwd



This step is to store password

wget http://wolf-u.li/u/172/ -O /ffp/sbin/store-passwd.sh


Activate & enable SSH login

chmod a+x /ffp/start/sshd.sh
sh /ffp/start/sshd.sh start


Once done the above, exit PuTTY

PuTTY login to the device again, this time via SSH mode

Yes to continue


After able to login successfully via SSH, may consider to disable Telnet mode by entering the following command, then re-boot the device

chmod -x /ffp/start/telnetd.sh


Basically FunPlug 0.7 installation is now completed, next the Transmission !


Installing Transmission



Download the 2 files from KyleK as follows : (thanks to him again!) Smile

and copy to the following folder:



PuTTY into the device and wget the 2 files, one after another

wget http://inreto.de/ffp/0.7/arm/packages/curl-7.21.4-arm-1.txz
wget http://kylek.is-a-geek.org:31337/files/ffp/0.7-arm/Transmission-2.52-arm-1.txz



Run the following to install the 2 packages, one after another:

funpkg -i curl-7.21.4-arm-1.txz
funpkg -i Transmission-2.52-arm-1.txz




Run the following to check & write-down the actual directory path
Noticed my DNS-320 HDD actual mount path is /mnt/HD/HD_a2


Run Transmission for the first time:

su nobody -c "transmission-daemon -f -g /mnt/HD/HD_a2/.transmission-daemon -w /mnt/HD_a2/Downloads -t -u <Your-Desire-UserID-Here> -v <Your-Desire-Password-Here> -a,192.168.*.*"

Wait at least 20sec, if see something like this means Transmission is running fine

If didn't see similar result like above, stop here & re-check/re-run every steps again.


Once ok, press Ctrl+C to stop it, wait for at least 20sec


If wish to Start or Stop Transmission manually, always use this command:


Next I created some folders using the standard webgui as follows


Then chmod the directory


WinSCP login to the device, navigate to the following path:

edit the settings.json file accordingly


Reboot the device, FunPlug + Transmission installation completed !!


Running Transmission


After device rebooted, open browser and navigate to : http://<TheDevice'sIP>:9091

I usually set up/down load limit as follows based on my VIP5 package, torrenting full-speed all the way without any problem, enjoy ! Cool





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