DNS-320 - FunPlug 0.5 + Transmission

(Refer HERE for FunPlug 0.7 + Transmission)

Honestly, I really don't know what I was doing, all I remembered was "copy & paste", tested & re-do few times, and eventually it works ! Tongue out
Useful reference / resources: (thank you & credit goes to them Smile )




  1. Read the above links and understand those steps clearly, copy those command lines on a Notepad in activity sequence, make sure you know what variable need to be changed accordingly.  If not really sure how to do it, then stop, don't continue any further!!
  2. Already installed & formatted the HDD on the device for usage.
  3. I'm a Windows user, so I download and install the following applications on my Win7 computer:
    • PuTTY - use to Telnet/SSH the device
    • WinSCP - use as "file explorer & manager" to interact with the device
    • Transmission Remote Gui - use as a client to access the device, drag & drop torrent onto it, after which can close it and the device will download/upload accordingly.
    • Filezilla - use as a FTP client to download files from the device.
  4. Learn and familiar with the above applications, at least must know how to access and login the device.



It's very straight forward and clearly documented by ULI @ HERE .
For Transmission, I follow "Zane Chua's guide" (scroll to middle section).
Just follow exactly, it should work! Smile

Noticed both stock P2P and FFP Transmission can still run concurrently, torrenting happily, enjoy ! Laughing





Fun-Plug 0.7 + Transmission


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