QNAP TS-451 

QNAP has been around for quite some time and is one of the popular NAS.  Generally QNAP offers better value-for-money in terms of hardware spec compare to Synology.  The new TS-x51 series is using the Intel Celeron J1800 (Bay Trail D) DualCore 2.41GHz SoC solution, dual DDR3L memory slot (upgradable to max 8GB), dual gigabit LANs (for Link Aggregation & Virtualization), 512MB flash size, quite impressive for a 4-bays NAS spec, also quite reasonably priced Laughing

I bought it @ Guang Hua Digital Plaza 光華數位新天地 during my recent working trip to Taipei ...


Nice packaging, also not too heavy to carry on board plane Smile


Design is really compact & light, external power adapter, mostly plastic made, luckily comes with really BIG fan to cool down the system, overall straight forward & nice design, how I wish it has black colour Laughing

Product Information & Reference:

QNAP Turbo NAS TS-x51 series :


It comes with 1GB or 4GB RAM size option.  I bought the 1GB model, since the seller advised & offered me much cheaper compatible RAM replacement, so straight away opened the box & took out the original 1GB RAM, replaced with 2x4GB ADATA to 8GB at the shop there Tongue Out   For HDD, I bought 4x3TB WD Red back home @ViewNet in LowYat Plaza.


Alright, system is ready now to start initial setup Laughing


Initial Setup

Setup the NAS's OS (QNAP's QTS) is pretty straight forward & easy, just go to the QNAP Start website & follow the steps will do ...

2014-11-02 00.23.24-TS451.jpg2014-11-02 00.23.48.jpg2014-11-02 00.24.10.jpg2014-11-02 00.24.23.jpg2014-11-02 00.24.35-QFinder.jpg2014-11-02 00.26.40.jpg2014-11-02 00.26.55.jpg2014-11-02 00.27.10.jpg2014-11-02 00.30.13.jpg2014-11-02 00.34.16.jpg2014-11-02 00.36.00.jpg2014-11-02 00.36.12-setup.jpg2014-11-02 00.36.59.jpg2014-11-02 00.39.27.jpg2014-11-02 00.39.56.jpg2014-11-02 00.40.29.jpg2014-11-02 00.48.27.jpg2014-11-02 00.51.51-QTS.jpg2014-11-02 00.52.23.jpg2014-11-02 00.54.12.jpg2014-11-02 00.55.10-SysInfo.jpg

Basically I choose Local Installation & download the QFinder, then setup accordingly (I opt to go for Raid10)... done !!Cool!!

Been playing around with the current latest QTS4.1 & some apps over the weekend, QNAP seem to have more apps than Synology, overall I like it, certainly welcome this new member to be part of my home NAS farm Laughing

Will find time to do more tests (eg, Transcoding, Link Aggregation, Virtualization, etc...) later on, stay tuned for more update ...