HP Microserver N54L XPEnology Upgrade (to DSM5.1-5022-update2)

Just upgraded both my N54L and some old PCs from previous DSM5.0 to current latest DSM5.1-5022-update2 Cool

All credits and thanks go to the following geng sifu job well done Laughing

Please consider to make donation for them to continue the development effort Smile

The update is pretty straight forward and easy, really appreciate those guys for making clear documentation & guides.

I have been running the XPEnology~Synology on various NAS/PCs include :

So far so good, volumn & data remain intact throughout upgrade process even to this current DSM5.1

Except I noticed the following behaviour:

  • For HP DC7800, need to press F1 every time restart/reboot
  • For ASUS P5LD2 SE, unable to setup/configure schedule to auto start-up (can schedule to auto shut-down)

Other than that these old PCs have been running great for various usage purposes

Next, setup Link Aggregation 802.3ab (Bonding) with 2 NICs only my N54L  Cool