XPEnology ~ Synology DSM Update

Been playing/using/implementing XPEnology ~ Synology for years since the DSM4.2 era, now my typical setup as follows :

I used to setup big mobo NAS footprint, over the years I've learned/experienced/evolved, now I prefer to settle down with fanless ITX mobo (J1900/N3150) with smaller NAS box, decentralise each NAS with it's own objective/purpose :

NAS1 - Main NAS storing all files/docs, notes, photo-station/chat, NFS, etc.
NAS2 - Schedule weekly auto-backup using Shared Folder Sync.
NAS3 - Stagging/testing, general sharing files/docs/photos.
NAS4 - Mainly multimedia (video/music) and non-essential stuff; also use for general backup box purpose.

Managed to setup/issue Let's Encrypt SSL for each NAS box with it's own DDNS/NoIP hostname base on dynamic IP (PPPoE WAN IP). It's important to have proper "green-lock" https/SSL, especially when accessing those NASes remotely using mobile apps or desktop.

So mainly only the NAS1 is schedule to auto-on and auto-off daily, the rest of NASes only turn on when needed, lesser power consumption/noise and smaller footprint, been happy with this setup for years now smile

Been updating/upgrading since DSM6~6.1~6.2, so far so good, all NASes are up to date with the current latest DSM6.2.3-25426-update2 wink

Each time after the update/upgrade, I'll perform backup task using Shared Folder Sync function, just to make sure there's no degration or any issue after the update/upgrade:

Mostly I use custom ITX mobo with J1900, 8 Sata ports and dual Intel NIC ports, NAS box footprint is much smaller than using PC casing :

Previously I used the custom ITX mobo with 12Sata dual Intel NIC:

Now the improved custom ITX mobo version with 8 Sata dual Intel NIC looks like this :

These custom ITX mobo is really robust and durable, I believe it's made for factory/industrial usage, been using it for many years on daily basis without any issue, longer lifespan than my NAS drives tongue-out

So far up to now DSM6.2.3, these custom ITX mobo still does not require any mod-file (the extra.lzma stuff), can still use Jun's loader (kudos/credit/thanks to @jun smile) with DS3615xs pack without any issue.

For other NAS mobo like the HP N54L, ASRock Q1900, Gigabyte GA-N3150, I use PCIe Intel dual NIC so no need mod-file :


If without the PCIe Intel dual NIC, I've also tested the above non-Intel mobos using the current mod-file (extra.lzma, extra2.lzma... --> kudos/credit/thanks to @IG-88 smile), so far is working with current latest DSM6.2.3 without any issue.