RT-N13U Ver.B1

Nice looking standing design, good quality built, white body colour with transparent bar lining, cool & modern looking !! Cool

It comes with USB2, mainly for network file & printer sharing.  Also come with Download Manager software can use it for torrenting download, another plus point ! Surprised


Refer HERE for more information


Documentation : http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Asus_RT-N13U

Flash method: WebGui or ASUS Firmware Restoration

Revert method: ASUS Firmware Restoration Tool



Flash from stock to DD-WRT via webgui


DO NOT touch anything until it's fully completed !!


Once completed, unplug all cables, wait for about 10 seconds, then re-connect LAN cable.

Type IP:  should see default DD-WRT screen, change desire router's user name & password.

System information


Notice the WAN port is "vlan2" for this device




Create Vlan.500 Tagging for UniFi


DO NOT connect any WAN cable first!

go to "Setup --> Networking tab", create vlan2 with tag 500, click Save follow by Apply Setting, then Reboot the router


Note: After router rebooted, notice the vlan.500 may not appear under WAN Port Assignment, click on other tab, wait for at least 1 min before coming back to this screen again.


Noticed the vlan2.500 now appeared under WAN Port Assignment after router rebooted.

Select vlan2.500 and unbridged as follows, click Save follow by Apply Setting, then Reboot the router


Connect WAN cable, wait for few seconds and it will connect to UniFi


Run some SpeedTest on VIP5 Package


Test wireless connection actual transfer rate




Right Click

No right click