TL-WR1043ND Ver1.8 [ Setup ExtRoot ]


After completing previous setup on :

I continue to setup the ExtRoot feature for this device, after tested successfully on the TL-MR3420 V1.2 HERE .



Since I have already installed and setup the necessary USB packages (including ExtRoot), I just PuTTY login and enter the following command lines, then reboot the device :


After reboot, WinSCP login to edit /etc/config/fstab file as follows.
Click save once done, then close the WinSCP


Reboot the device again


After reboot, go to System --> Software, noticed the free space is the external USB2 HDD, nice ! Smile


Go to System --> Mount Points, all mounted nicely!

PuTTY into the device, confirm the result.







Right Click

No right click