TL-MR3420 Ver1.2 [ Samba, FTP, Transmission ]



Samba & FTP

To install Samba & FTP (vsftpd), follow same steps as per my setup for TL-WR1043ND HERE (towards middle end section)





This Transmission thing is always big challenge to me, let's see how it goes this round .....


Go to " System --> Software tab", click Update lists to refresh packages


Type Transmisison to Find package under Available tab
Install the transmission-web package 


After installed, launch PuTTY, run it, wait for at least 10sec

then kill the service

Create some folders as follows


Launch WinSCP, go to " /root/.config/transmission-daemon " folder
Locate & edit the file settings.json


Change the following accordingly, click save button when done


Next go to " /etc/init.d " folder
Locate & edit the file transmission

Change as follows, click save button when done


Back to PuTTY, enable auto-start service as follows

Reboot the device



Somehow with the above setup, the Transmission doesn't seem to start and work properly after reboot.
At this moment, temporary solution after reboot, just go to " System --> Startup ", click Restart again, then it will start and work properly again.


Alright, testing time ....
I use Transmission Remote Gui from my Pc to connect the device, tested with 4 torrents concurrently, set limit both down/up load speed to 450KB/s on my UniFi VIP5 package.
Full speed ahead no problem, CPU around 50% only, can pause then resume even after re-boot, tested few hours already no issue at all Cool !



Overall I'm happy with the result & outcome Laughing, finally overcome my previous "no space left" issue.
What a great value for a device below RM90, able to be unleashed with OpenWRT power, definitely 1 of my toy to play with Tongue out !!



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