TP-Link TL-MR3420 Ver:1.2

Previously bought some of this device for mobile broadband on Maxis & Celcom, seem to be quite good and stable.
It has almost identical hardware platform like the TL-WR841ND (Atheros [email protected], 4/32MB flash & RAM size), it even has a USB port and supported by OpenWRT.

At below RM90, I just bought another unit recently again from ViewNet to start another OpenWRT experiment ..... Smile



Company: TP-Link


FCC ID : TE7MR3420

Stock Firmware/Utilities/Manual :


OpenWRT :

Firmware : (use "openwrt-ar71xx-tl-mr3420-v1-xxxx.bin")

Factory to OpenWRT :Via webgui, use "openwrtxxx-factory-xxx.bin"

Revert to Factory : Via webgui, use stock firmware file with "xxx-up-xxx.bin"

Note: NO FailSafe mode (as of Backfire 10.03.1). Be extra careful, once brick, require serial rescue Innocent !

Confirmed FailSafe mode through QSS button works on Trunk R30919 while I was testing the UniFi.



My main objective is to setup as a standalone NAS device with ExtRoot feature, so can install many packages like Samba, vsftpd, Transmission, etc ....

And YES, it's working Laughing !  Here's my mini NAS toy, complete with USB+Swap+ExtRoot, Samba+FTP+Transmission, MiniDLNA Cool




Click the following for :

Flash from Factory to OpenWRT (similar to TL-WR1043ND, use "openwrt-ar71xx-tl-mr3420-v1-squashfs-factory.bin" file)

Setup USB, Swap & ExtRoot

Setup Samba, FTP, Transmission

Setup MiniDLNA

Setup for UniFi

Network Printer via USB (it works on USB switch hub with multiple printers!)

3 digits vlans possible ??


15Mar'12 : Manage to bring up the switch config, but still unable to get UniFi running Yell


19Mar'12 : Manage to get UniFi internet vlan.500 working on Trunk version Smile, but IPTV still can't work ....





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