TL-WR1043ND Ver:1.8  [ Flash Firmware from stock Factory to OpenWRT ]





Download OpenWRT

Download the latest stable build (currently called "backfire") from : .
Check the released date, in this example, the "10.03.1" is the latest

Click to the sub-folder " /10.03.1/ar71xx/ " (this device uses Atheros AR71xx chip series)
Scroll down and locate the " xxx-tl-wr1043nd-v1-xxx " file

Download the file to your computer


  • Use " xxx-factory.bin " to flash from stock firmware to OpenWRT
  • Use " xxx-sysupgrade.bin " to upgrade existing OpenWRT (if your device already flashed with previous version of OpenWRT)




Flash To OpenWRT


  • Unplug everything
  • Connect only 1 cat cable to the device's LANport 2 or 3
  • DO NOT connect any WAN cable or through wireless link during flashing & setup
  • Ensure the setup PC & the device has sufficient power battery supply (in case of power failure)
  • Clear browser cache, close & re-open again each time during flash/setup firmware (before & after)

( Note: I personally prefer to use latest FireFox )

Login to the device, go to " System Tools --> Factory Defaults tab "
Click Restore to reset the device clean before flashing


DO NOT touch anything until the process complete !!


Once the device reset, open browser login to
Default login Id & password = admin

( Note: Some TP-Link devices latest firmware use )


Go to " System Tools --> Firmware Upgrade tab "
Click Browse to the downloaded " xxx-factory.bin " file
Click Upgrade to to start flash


DO NOT touch anything until the whole process complete !!


Once flashed successfully, the default OpenWRT webgui will show with default IP
Login to the device with default user ID = root (with no password)


Go straight to " System --> Backup / Flash Firmware tab "
Click Perform reset to reset the device clean again before any setup


DO NOT touch anything until the whole process complete !!


After reboot, login to the device again without any password

First thing to do is to change the root password, make sure to remember the password !

Logout ....

and re-login with the newly created password



Flash from Factory firmware to OpenWRT is completed now, good to go for the necessary setup, enjoy the freedom of unleashed power Cool !!


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