Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 Tomato by Shibby - Vlan.500 for UniFi

3 digit vlan on Broadcom chip make possible by Tomato-Shibby smile

Been wanting to test this interesting custom Vlan feature created by Tomato by Shibby, finally pulled out some Broadcom toys over the weekend, spend some time to play around trial and error, managed to get Vlan.500 for UniFi PPPoE connection laughing

Starting with this classic WHR-HP-G54 (ya I know it's really old, part of my collection item tongue-out)

2015-10-24 12.39.17-G54.jpg2015-10-24 12.39.34.jpg2015-10-24 12.39.54-vlan.jpg2015-10-24 12.40.09-IPv6.jpg2015-10-24 12.41.05.jpg2015-10-24 12.41.30.jpg2015-10-24 12.41.59.jpg2015-10-24 12.43.28.jpg

Enjoy feature-rich Tomato firmware option for UniFi (Vlan.500 Internet only) !