Some Tomato 1.28 screen shots on WHR-HP-G54, fresh from upgrade, standard without any setup.

Initial look & feel :

  • Screen layout is neat, clear & straight forward
  • Nice menu grouping, easy to navigate too
  • Navigation is slightly smoother and faster than DD-WRT
  • Some features are quite impressive, especially the Bandwidth, QoS & Wireless Survey
  • But some features like vlan setting is not on menu, may be require command lines entry....

Overall I'm quite impressed with Tomato, will do some testing later on.



Status Section







Bandwidth Section








Tools Section








Basic Setup Section



WAN type


Wireless Mode



Channel option


WiFi Security Option




DDNS Option



Static DHCP setting


WiFi MAC Filter setting




Advanced Setup Section









Routing Table


Wireless Setting




Port Forward Section








QoS Section  (it's quite impressive !!)







Access Restriction Section






Administration Section






Backup Option


















Right Click

No right click