Flash from DD-WRT R15962 to Tomato 1.28


Hard reset the device first!

After hard reset, login to DD-WRT default     assign own preferred user ID & password, click "Change Password" to continue


Click "Administration" tab, re-enter own user ID & password again


Click on "Commands" tab, type "nvram get http_passwd" at the command shell, click "Run Commands" to continue


A bunch of characters shown, write down and copy to Notepad


Go to your computer folder, rename the downloaded package from "tomato.trx" to "tomato.bin"


Back to DD-WRT "Administration --> Firmware Upgrade" tab, select the renamed file "tomato.bin", click "Upgrade" to continue


DO NOT touch anything until it's fully completed !!


Once upgrade completed, it will prompt for login :

  • User ID = root
  • Password = <copy & paste the bunch of characters from Notepad >


Happy to see Tamato!!  DO NOT do anything first, it's NOT completed yet!!


Go straight to "Administration --> Configuration" option
under 'Restore Default Configuration'
choose 'Erase all data in NVRAM memory (thorough)'
click OK to continue


DO NOT do anything until it's fully completed !!

Click "Continue"


It will prompt for login again, enter Tomato default as follows:


The upgrade process is fully completed now, welcome Tomato !!


See here for more standard Tomato 1.28 screen shot.




Right Click

No right click