Huawei WS880 Tomato-Shibby UniFi Ready

Refer to WS880 unlock & initial flash HERE

From Xwrt-Vortex to Tomato-Shibby, UniFi both Vlan.500 (PPPoE) & Vlan.600 (IPTV) ready laughing

Somehow I didn't manage to unlock and flash this router directly to Tomato, need to unlock & flash to Xwrt-Vortex build first, then from the ASUSWrt build flash directly to Tomato.

Overall flashing process is pretty straightforward, this is how I flashed the WS880:

  • Download latest Tomato-Shibby's WS880 build (K26-ARM AIO-64K build)
  • Ensure the router already flashed with Xwrt-Vortex (ASUSWrt build)
  • Important note during flashing process :
    • NEVER use wireless to flash firmware
    • DO NOT touch/move/unplug/disconnect or power-off anything
  • Restore Factory default
  • Flash the Tomato-Shibby build
  • Power-off & power-on the router
  • After router rebooted on new Tomato-Shibby build :
    • default IP =
    • default login & password = admin
    • Wait patiently for at least 10mins
    • go straight to Administration-->Configuration
    • select clear NVRam and reboot the router


Done, the WS880 is now on Tomato-Shibby build, good to go and enjoy all the Tomato goodies laughing !!

Been running it for more than 19 days :

  • temperature a bit warm to more than 75C (this is expected...)
  • use a small USB fan to cool it down to around 63~67C
  • occasionally wireless drop on some of my mobile devices, need to disconnect & re-connect again
  • occasionally IPTV (Vlan.600) seem to shutter or image break (not sure whether it's my STB issue or not ...)
  • Remote router access login not working ...
  • IPv6, QoS, DDNS seem working well
  • Place my Xbox360 console on DMZ, console show NAT=Open, online gaming & download no major issue
  • I enabled the CTF cut through with QoS on, but can't tell whether it's working or not since I'm on 50Mbps package ...

Overall I'm happy with this new toys smile



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