TM UniFi Turbo Upgrade 800Mbps SpeedTest - OpenWRT Devices

Pulled out some OpenWRT toys and run some WAN to LAN SpeedTest smile

I use OpenWRT mostly nowadays as the main RG (Router-Gateway), then just choose one of my wireless router setup as AP (currently I use RT-AC68U).  My immediate test is WAN to LAN traffic to see how's the 800/200Mbps DL/UL SpeedTest performance on these OpenWRT devices, with the following setup/packages :


Switch Vlan 500+600 tag/untag, Interfaces PPPoE+IPv6, NAT Offloading, Adblock, SQM Egress upload only, multiple DDNS, WOL, Statistic/Graph, etc.

Somehow if I use browser run the Ookla, I always get upload test error, so I download and install the Ookla SpeedTest for desktop from HERE.

YouHua WR1200JS :

2018-10-06 20.38.10-WR1200JS.png2018-10-06 20.38.35.png2018-10-06 20.38.47.png2018-10-06 20.40.21.png2018-10-06 20.40.33.png2018-10-06 20.40.49.png2018-10-06 20.51.50-Reboot-NewIP.png2018-10-06 20.52.05.png2018-10-06 20.52.18.png2018-10-06 20.52.59.png2018-10-06 20.53.16.png2018-10-06 20.53.27.png2018-10-06 20.55.16-Adblock.png2018-10-06 20.55.39.png2018-10-06 20.56.04.png2018-10-06 20.56.11.png2018-10-06 20.56.28.png2018-10-06 20.56.41.png2018-10-06 20.56.56.png

Noticed the CPU load is not very high, so I purposely rebooted the device and run SpeedTest immediately, the CPU load does spike (as expected) but still can run 800Mbps, not bad for a really cheap MT7621 toy smile


2018-10-06 21.02.55-AC1300UHP.png2018-10-06 21.03.06.png2018-10-06 21.06.48.png2018-10-06 21.07.05.png2018-10-06 21.09.01-AC1300UHP.png2018-10-06 21.09.18.png2018-10-06 21.09.31.png2018-10-06 21.20.07-SQM-UL.png2018-10-06 21.20.33.png2018-10-06 21.20.41.png

D-Link DIR-885L-A1 :

2018-10-06 20.17.19-DIR885LA1.png2018-10-06 20.17.27.png2018-10-06 20.17.36.png2018-10-06 20.19.36.png2018-10-06 20.19.54.png2018-10-06 20.30.31.png2018-10-06 20.30.46.png2018-10-06 20.30.56.png2018-10-06 20.31.38.png2018-10-06 20.32.22.png

Linksys WRT1900AC :

2018-10-06 21.27.22-WRT1900AC.png2018-10-06 21.27.39.png2018-10-06 21.27.46.png2018-10-06 21.28.13.png2018-10-06 21.28.22.png2018-10-06 21.28.33.png2018-10-06 21.29.02.png2018-10-06 21.29.19.png

Overall I'm quite happy with the result, it seems these OpenWRT devices, from cheapest like the WR1200JS to WRT1900, can max out the 800/200Mbps WAN to LAN speed throughput base on my typical setup/packages laughing

I might do some AP wireless testing later to determine which AP is more suitable for my environment ...