TOTOLINK A3000RU Dual-Band AC1200 (UniFi Ready)

Realtek RTL8192ER 2.4G MU-MIMO 2x2:2
Realtek RTL8812AR 5G MU-MIMO 2x2:2
4 x 5dBi Undetachable Antenna
Realtek RTL8197DN CPU (600Mhz), 8MB Flash / 64MB RAM
Gigabit Ports : 1xWAN / 4xLAN  |  1xUSB2

Router firmware look & feel, initial SpeedTest (LAN~WAN) video below cool

Product Photo

2019-01-22 15-53-46.jpg2019-01-22 15-53-56.jpg2019-01-22 15-54-30.jpg2019-01-22 15-55-20.jpg2019-01-22 15-56-48.jpg2019-01-22 15-56-58.jpg2019-01-22 15-57-16.jpg2019-01-22 15-57-34.jpg2019-01-22 16-01-06.jpg2019-01-22 16-01-24.jpg2019-01-22 16-01-42.jpg2019-01-23 20-41-10.jpg2019-01-23 20-41-13.jpg2019-01-23 20-41-15.jpg

Product information & reference:

  • Official Product Info : A3000RU .
  • UniFi Firmware Download : A3000RU .
  • .

Thanks TOTOLINK Malaysia for the very first test unit, yes it's UniFi-ready (Vlan.500-PPPoE & Vlan.600-IPTV) !  I first saw this brand in HK/China many years ago, seem to be selling very well in Korean, now expanding to this region.

This A3000RU is standing-type design with black plastic finishing, the front panel pattern design quite nice looking, complete with 4 x 5dBi undetachable antenna.  It feels light, the base doesn't seem to be very stable, may need to add rubber to make it stands firm.  This A3000RU gigabit AC1200 router is target for budget entry with decent performance, another UniFi router consideration for at this price point.

Anyway, glad to see another manufacturer taking effort to create custom firmware for local ISP in Malaysia, hope to see more higher-end products coming soon smile

Let's see how this Realtek radio wireless performance based on my home setup and testing as follows :



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