TOTOLink N610RT  (Dual Band WiFi)

After my first TOTOLink product experience with the N200RS+, I'm happy with the design & WiFi performance, one of the best value for money Smile
During my last month trip to Shanghai, was browsing some local online stores during weekend and saw this N610RT Dual Band WiFi on special Sunday promo @RMB99 (~RM55) !! Surprised !!  Probably the cheapest that I've seen so far, online sales was fast, about 8000 units sold in just less than 1/2 day Innocent

The offer was from 天猫 (related to TaoBao 淘宝), 3 years warranty somemore !

2014-05-11 17.57.43-N610RT.jpg2014-05-11 17.58.27.jpg2014-05-11 17.58.56.jpg2014-05-11 17.59.11.jpg2014-05-11 17.59.39.jpg2014-05-11 18.00.17.jpg2014-05-11 18.00.32.jpg

Needless to say, I just grabbed it before the offer end.  Like the N200RS+, my main purpose is to use it as AP, let's see how it performed ...


Product Photos

Even as budget router, the overall design & layout is still nice!



Product Information/Reference:


To setup as WiFi AP mode :

2014-06-02 11.09.15-N610RT-AP.jpg2014-06-02 11.09.38.jpg2014-06-02 11.10.20.jpg2014-06-02 11.10.49.jpg2014-06-02 11.11.18.jpg2014-06-02 11.11.33.jpg


WiFi Test 

I tested the 2.4GHz on 2 laptops : Toshiba R830 & ASUS U32U
5GHz on 2 laptops : ACER TM8371 & Dell E5400

2014-05-28 01.49.31-R830.jpg2014-05-28 02.00.04.jpg2014-05-29 00.50.36-U32U.jpg2014-05-29 01.00.28.jpg2014-05-29 01.23.37-TM8371-5G.jpg2014-05-29 01.33.20.jpg2014-05-29 02.04.06-E5400.jpg2014-05-29 02.10.59.jpg

The result is good, especially at this price range, this Korean white beauty impressed me again !!Laughing!!

The 2 pairs of antenna design does it well to separate the 2.4GHz & 5GHz workload independently for better throughput, interesting design indeed Cool

In fact, I bought 2 units during the RMB99 offer Wink