Bought this Korean white beauty TOTOLINK N200RS+, in China around last year Jul/Aug'2013
A Broadcom base 300Mbps N router with 5dBi antenna ... only unpack recently & use it as AP


Some product photos ...


Product information & reference:

I like the design & finishing, simple, nice & cool looking ... Broadcom chipset, a must-have WiFi toys for me Cool

WiFi Test

I only use it as pure AP, no other RG function, tested with the following laptops ...

WiFi test with ASUS U32U laptop, both Write/Read speed around 9MB/s



WiFi test with Acer TM8371 laptop, Write/Read speed around 8.9/8.2MB/s 


WiFi test with Dell E5400 laptop, Write/Read speed above 9MB/s 



Overall WiFi connection is stable & consistent, typical Broadcom characteristic, consider good performance at this class Smile

Have been using it as AP since Jan'2014 running more than 22 days with multiple types of devices connected to it, no problem so far Laughing


I use the N200RS+ as pure AP, "partnered" it with my trusted RB750 as the main RG --> 1 of the perfect match !  See below some nice pictures of them Tongue Out