TOTOLINK X5000R Dual-Band AX1800

Unboxing, Look & Feel, Wireless Performance Tests :


Skip/view the following chapters for :

0:00 - Unboxing, look & feel
1:36 - Firmware overview
3:39 - Setup TM-UniFi home
4:16 - Wireless performance tests
5:23 - SpeedTest (Ookla desktop)
6:42 - New EasyMesh firmware / OpenWRT support X5000R

Another interesting budget AX router to consider smile

Thanks TOTOLink Malaysia for this new AX router smile

Product Photo


Official Product Info : X5000R

Technical spec :

Support localised ISP profile including TM-UniFi (both vlan500-internet & vlan600-IPTV) :

This AX router is equiped with MediaTek's combo MT7915DA+MT7975DN chips for both 2.4G+5G 2x2:2 radio-ing, kinda interesting design though :  

Wireless Performance Tests

WiFi tests based on my setup/scenario/environment as follows:

Click the following video to view the tests result :

4:16 - Wireless performance tests (2.4G & 5G)
5:23 - SpeedTest (Ookla desktop)

Interesting results indeed, the combo chips design does perform rather surprise to me, especially the 2.4G, one of the highest I've tested on AX router so far.

What I like about the X5000R :

  • Surprisingly decent wireless performance at this price point
  • Small footprint and power adapter/consumption, external 5dBi antenna, lots of ventilation holes
  • Responsive/smooth firmware experience
  • It's OpenWRT-able cool  (see below)

Could be better if :

  • It's really warm even with lots of ventilation holes, not sure whether it's due to the combo-chips radio-ing foot-in-mouth, suggest to use somekind of cooling fan
  • Import/export of port forward lists, support multiple DDNS even for the same DDNS provider
  • During my testing above, I noticed the real-time download/upload info is not updated correctly on the main status page
  • Provide SSH login if possible
  • Need to beef up more frequent firmware update to address stability/vulnerabilities/etc


Note : I got the new EasyMesh firmware, might do some testing later on.

Suppoted by OpenWRT (currently under Snapshot) :