TOTOLINK LR1200 LTE/4G Dual-Band AC1200 Router

Unboxing, Look & Feel, Test on Digi simcard (in-door) :


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0:00 - Unboxing look & feel
1:53 - Stock firmware overview
- Test on Digi simcard (in-door 2-storey house at ground floor)
5:55 - Supported by OpenWRT nice!

Thanks TOTOLink Malaysia for this LTE/4G gadget, nice to bring along whenever on-the-road smile

Product Photo


Official Product Info : LR1200 

Currently support local telco's bands as follows :

Use the provided simcard jacket for nano simcard and insert this way : 

Make sure it's fully inserted properly :


What I like about the LR1200 :

  • Support almost all known local telco's data simcard
  • Decent performance even at in-door
  • Both LTE/4G and typical WAN port connectivities
  • Responsive/smooth firmware experience
  • Easy to bring along whenever on-the-road
  • Reasonably priced, and it's OpenWRT-able cool

Could be better if :

  • Make it even smaller/lighter, more convenient to bring along on-the-road
  • Stronger LTE/4G antenna gain, like 7dBi and above tongue-out
  • External wifi antennas instead of internal
  • To supply a USB to DC-inlet cable, so can use powerbank
  • Need to beef up more frequent firmware update to address stability/vulnerabilities/etc

Supported by OpenWRT since 19.07 branch :