TL-WDR4300 V1.3 Test (UniFi Beta Custom Firmware 3.13.21Build120827R6135n)


The following testing was based on the initial custom beta firmware.

Basic Setup for UniFi

2012-11-03 14.24.36-4300-UniFi.jpg2012-11-03 14.24.46.jpg2012-11-03 14.25.03.jpg2012-11-03 14.25.27.jpg2012-11-03 14.25.41.jpg2012-11-03 14.26.18.jpg2012-11-03 14.26.40.jpg2012-11-03 14.26.47.jpg2012-11-03 14.27.13.jpg2012-11-03 14.27.34.jpg2012-11-03 14.27.49.jpg2012-11-03 14.28.15.jpg


WiFi Test @ 2.4GHz


2012-11-03 11.52.39-4300-24.jpg2012-11-03 11.53.40.jpg2012-11-03 11.54.22.jpg2012-11-03 11.55.07.jpg2012-11-03 11.55.55.jpg2012-11-03 11.58.17.jpg2012-11-03 11.59.08.jpg2012-11-03 12.00.01.jpg2012-11-03 12.01.26.jpg2012-11-03 12.03.52.jpg2012-11-03 12.04.27.jpg2012-11-03 12.05.02.jpg2012-11-03 12.05.40.jpg2012-11-03 12.07.08-LANTest.jpg2012-11-03 12.07.49.jpg2012-11-03 12.10.23.jpg2012-11-03 12.13.47.jpg2012-11-03 12.15.03.jpg2012-11-03 12.18.06.jpg

Overall 2.4GHz wireless performance is stable & consistent, the speed ranging between 11~13MB/s is considered quite good ! Smile


WiFi Test @ 5GHz


2012-11-03 13.00.48-4300-5g.jpg2012-11-03 13.01.44.jpg2012-11-03 13.05.40.jpg2012-11-03 13.07.49.jpg2012-11-03 13.10.01.jpg2012-11-03 13.12.19.jpg2012-11-03 13.13.22-LANTest.jpg2012-11-03 13.19.57.jpg2012-11-03 13.23.16.jpg2012-11-03 13.31.53.jpg

No matter how I change/adjust the settings, the overall 5GHz wireless performance is rather disappointing, the speed is not better than the 2.4GHz .... Frown
I'm not sure whether it's the firmware, settings or hardware issue .....


WiFi Test - Bridging with ASUS EA-N66

Worrying the poor 5GHz performance might be due to my laptop adapter, I pull out the EA-N66 and setup bridging link with the TL-WDR4300 :

2012-11-03 13.43.42-EA66.jpg2012-11-03 13.46.18.jpg2012-11-03 13.48.50.jpg2012-11-03 13.51.48.jpg2012-11-03 13.54.43-LANTest.jpg2012-11-03 13.58.56.jpg2012-11-03 14.01.42.jpg

Still, the 5GHz spectrum performance is still poor, I'm puzzled to see the average Write speed (~15MB/s) is faster than Read speed (~12MB/s) ... Sealed
I suspect it would be firmware/driver related issue ....


Download Custom Beta Firmware


Before you proceed further, please read and make sure you fully understand that:

  1. I only tested this TL-WDR4300 Ver:1.3 on my Huawei HG850a BTU only, it should work on other BTU/VDSL2 as well
  2. The beta firmware is made available on an As-Is basis, you are permitted to use it for testing and training purposes only, I shall not be liable for any damages cause to your device either before, during or after flashing the beta firmware.
  3. Except for other 3rd party firmware (eg, OpenWRT, DD-WRT), your device should still cover under warranty if you brick it accidentally after flashing with the beta firmware.
  4. Since this is not an official release, manufacturer may or may not response or patch any issue, neither will I entertain any email enquiry or support.
  5. I'll do my best to forward request on further improvement or change request to TP-Link Tech Team, but no guarantee.

Known issues:

  1. Due to some bug/issue, the NAT has been disabled on this beta firmware
  2. There might be some performance issue on 5GHz spectrum
  3. .

Good luck & enjoy !! Cool


Click HERE to download the custom beta firmware for UniFi
(Important: Must perform Factory Restore before & after flashing !!)


Connection Diagram


Beta custom firmware 3.13.21(build-120820) for UniFi connection diagram as follows:


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