TP-Link TL-WDR4300 V1.3


Finally, the very first TP-Link truly Dual band, full gigabit port, 2xUSB2, 8/128MB Flash/Memory device for UniFi !! smilie
Courtesy and thanks to TP-Link Malaysia for the test unit and initial custom firmware for UniFi !


I've been busy and don't really have much time to test routers, in fact TP-Link already informed me about this custom firmware for some time, also been getting some emails to request the custom firmware .....
Only now managed to find some time to test it out, sorry folks for the long wait ....


Alright, some product photos please ....smilie



Overall feel :

  • New design model outlook, complete black colour, squarish design, reflective cover with slight curvy & bending with 2 track in between
  • Size is rather big, the antenna also quite long, the new antenna design & shape almost the same like the ASUS RT-N66U --> so shall we call this the big Black Knight ?!  (hmmm, why those dual band "geng" router always black one ...Cool...)
  • Blue LED lights, yeah finally no more those green lights Wink
  • Overall the design straight forward, bigger than I first imagine, new design feel conventional & serious, no fancy stuff Laughing


Internal photo (taken from internet)







Stock Firmware :


Refer HERE for the first UniFi custom beta firmware test [FW 3.13.21B120827R6135n]




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