TP-Link TL-WR741ND V1 & V2


Thanks to TP-Link engineer for designing a user-definable Vlan Tagging page, so user can just change the vlan tag ID accordingly, cool ! Cool

This device has been identified to test on the new feature before implementing to other selected model later on, the beta firmware can be flashed on both V1 & V2 model.

So far it's working flawlessly on UniFi (refer below) !! Laughing Plan is underway to conduct testing on SingTel exStream soon.



TL-WR741ND  (Previous model)

TL-WR741ND  (Current model)








Firmware (Standard NOT for UniFi !!) : (ensure you select the correct version !!)


Firmware Simulator:


Note: The beta firmware is mainly for testing on the new Vlan Tagging, there is no plan to release until further notice.




New Vlan Tagging page, user can define vlan tag ID for the following:

  • Internet - Port 1 & 2 (on WAN interface)
  • VoIP - Port 3 (bridging) to ATA device  [mainly for SingTel exStream]
  • IPTV - Port 4 (bridging) to STB


SpeedTest & PingTest on my VIP5 package, good result indeed ! Smile



Good seeds, torrent full speed ahead ! Tongue out


Even though it's just 1 single antenna and consider a basic entry-level device, I was rather surprised on the actual transfer rate performance Surprised


Been testing & playing around for 2 hours both internet activities + HD Channel non-stop, no disconnection/reconnection issue, everything working well no problem encounter !



TL-WR741ND V1.8 Connection Diagram for UniFi

Note: Port3 VoIP bridging is mainly designed for SingTel exStream.  For UniFi, currently the VoIP is being handled directly on the BTU/VDSL2, still have no idea how to forward it yet .....






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