Finally, a complete 3-in-1 vlan+router+WiFi total replacement for DIR-615 !!





Important : Please make sure you get the correct model !!

The model I've tested is TL-WR841N Ver7.1 on FTTH Huawei EcoLife GPON HG850a for more than 19 hours continuously without any problem!

LYN member donnie.dgr also tested ok on TL-WR841ND v7 reported here

Please ensure you get the correct model as indicated on the label attached to the box and at the bottom of the router :


12Jan2010 : Tested on TL-WR841ND Ver7.2 on FTTH Huawei EcoLife GPON HG850a for more than 15 hours continuously without any problem!





Firmware (standard - NOT for UniFi !!) :

Firmware (custom for UniFi) : Pending for TP-Link announcement  (refer below)

Firmware Simulator :

Where to buy: Any IT shops eg, LowYat Plaza (KL) or Digital Mall (PJ Sec14)


Thanks to TP-Link Sales Manager Brian and his engineer team in ShenZhen R&D Center for their efforts in making the very first retail router for UniFi !!

It was by chance I met TP-Link Sales Manager for MY & SG Brain at LowYat early Nov'10.  Accordingly to him, they already aware of the problematic DIR-615 and wanted to develop a custom UniFi firmware for retail market.

Actually their R&D team already started work on it and managed to create vlan.500 for internet which I posted here initially.

I was given a TL-WR841N v7 test unit and started to test and communicate remotely with their engineers.  Since then, numerous WireShark data capture, emailing, firmware revisions continue ......

It was until 28Dec right after Christmas, finally they managed to resolve the IPTV problem and the latest beta firmware which I've tested works perfectly on both internet & IPTV !!

Honestly, I was really excited and to certain extend, feel relieve that eventually there is a really affordable retail product in the open market for UniFi users, at least we'll not be controlled by TM and forced to use the sub-quality DIR-615 anymore.

TP-Link's team is really professional, committed and patient enough just to develop a custom firmware for small market like UniFi in Malaysia, my respect and thanks to TP-Link !!

Let's hope and see whether other manufacturer will start doing the same effort or not.......



  • Basically both vlan 500 (internet) & 600 (IPTV) have been hard-coded onto the firmware, all the rest of features & functions are exactly like the usual TP-Link product firmware
  • User just need to setup PPPoE and connect STB to LAN port 1
  • TP-Link is currently finalising & testing further internally before releasing the official firmware, I'll update the official firmware download link when it becomes available
    • For those who want to test out the beta firmware to replace the DIR-615, please ensure you get those model/version mentioned above, then email to me : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • For those which I've emailed you the beta firmware since then, PLEASE DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE !!


Please note you are flashing at your own risk, I don't own the firmware therefore I won't be able to support you if anything goes wrong!

Download links:

Current tested stable version: wr841nv7_en_3_12_7_up(110726)

Previous beta firmware only : mirror (MD5: eb451c3e891412daf0fdf198c1e424f3)
TL-WR841ND V7.2 default setup file : mirror



10th April 2011 Update

Finally, TP-Link TL-WR841ND V7.x compatible issue with Huawei HG655a VDSL has been identified & resolved!!


29th Jan 2011 Update
Please take note this beta firmware will NOT work properly if you are using Huawei HG655a VDSL (for high-rise).
So far there are 3 users reported frequent disconnect & re-connect issue running TL-WR841N/ND V7.x beta firmware on HG655a.
Will need to capture data after CNY for TP-Link engineer to further trouble-shoot.


27Jan2011 update:

There were quite a number of individual who has requested the beta firmware, at time I'm unable to response on time.  I've decided to upload here for those who really want to test and replace the DIR-615.

Please take note up-to-date I received 2 complains on frequent disconnect/connect issue on high-rise VDSL Huawei HG655a.  Since I don't have this BTU, I really can't tell whether it's the router switch or the HG655a problem.  I'm still waiting for that 2 users to replace new unit to test out further.


Setup for UniFi


Hard reset the unit first:

  • disconnect ALL cables from the device
  • use an object, press down & hold the device's re-set button
  • insert power cable, continue to hold for at least 30 seconds
  • after you see bunch of lights blinking or flashing, pull out the power cable, continue to hold re-set button for at least 30 seconds
  • release the re-set button, wait for at least 1 min
  • then plug-in power cable, connect the device's LANport 2/3/4 to your PC and continue the following steps


Login to the router and perform firmware upgrade

Click OK to proceed


DO NOT touch anything until the entire update process fully completed!!


Firmware updated when you see the following page, continue to complete the rest of setup

Network --> WAN : Select PPPoE, enter your UniFi user ID & password, choose "Connect Automatically". Click "Save"

Click "Advance", enter Google DNS, click "Save"

Wireless Settings

DHCP Settings

Reboot the system once done


Basic setup completed, connect your device according to the diagram below.

System now connected!!




Other optional setup & features:

Port forward, enter your service port & IP address:




BTU[Port1] --> [WAN]841N[Port2/3/4] --> cable & WiFi <computer / laptop/ wifi AP>
BTU[Port1] --> [LAN]Set-Top-Box IPTV




Right Click

No right click