TP-Link TD-W8960N (ADSL2 Modem Router)

That's right, this TP-Link ADSL2 modem router can be configured to use for UniFi, NO custom firmware is require, the very FIRST case !! Laughing

Credit goes to "MOH", who emailed me and explained on how to configure it, thank you bro for you kind sharing !! Smile

This is indeed another great replacement option, especially for those who are using this device for Streamyx and upgrade to UniFi ! Wink


Product Photos





Outlook very much similar to TL-WR941ND




Tested on my UniFi VIP5 for about 2 hours, both internet & IPTV no problem at all !



SpeedTest & PingTest result is good !



Good torents can hit almost maximum speed !


Wireless actual transfer rate test by copying a single 2.1GB file over LAN, overall signal stable & transfer result is good.



After play around for 2 days, summary notes:

  • It is indeed a hybrid device designed to handle both conventional ADSL and allow virtual LANport with vlan trunking on WAN interface.
  • The firmware also seem somehow different compare to other standard TP-Link products, lots of other advance features/functions/information, it's responsive, stable & dynamic, something I never seen before on a "ADSL2" labelled product selling at such a low price.
  • After confirming with TP-Link, this is the ONLY "special" product in the whole range, no other similar product has such features & functions, no wonder.... Surprised
  • For me personally, this is definitely a "must keep" item, a toy I can play around and use for other purposes for a long time to come! Cool








Firmware :

Information from OpenWRT:



Click HERE for UniFi Setup




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