ASUS New Product 2014 : RT-AC87U + ASUSWrt 2.0

(23August update : RT-AC87U-A1 - Unboxing)

Coming up 2014 Q3/Q4 --> the RT-AC87U with ASUSWrt version 2.0 Cool
DualCore A9 CPU @1GHz Surprised DualCore AC 5GHz @4x4MIMO Surprised AC ~2300Mbps
Sit tight buddy, this monster is going to ROCK you ...Tongue Out...

The last time I met up with ASUS Taiwan & Malaysia product manager on new product update and the very first ASUSWrt1.0 was around September 2011, since then ASUS has been producing many impressive black-knight-cool AC devices, like the RT-AC66U & RT-AC56U Cool

Thanks to ASUS Malaysia product manager Eric, who has been contacting me to meet up last week (end of July'2014) and update me on some ASUS new products Laughing, particularly this "geng" (powerful) RT-AC87U & the new ASUSWrt version 2.  Also here will be few other new devices coming up like the RT-N18U N600 --> successor to another legendary RT-N16 . Expect to reach Malaysia by Q3/Q4 this year, so guys get ready your wallet Wink

Since the RT-AC87U still not available in Malaysia yet, only some reference picture as follows :

In fact, this device is so new there is not many information available yet ...

CNet's review just few days ago : A big leap in home Wi-Fi performance --> sound impressive ler Tongue Out


 ASUSWrt version 2.0

Some new features added to previous version, some mockup firmware screen for reference:

2014-08-04 16.59.06-ASUSWrt2.jpg2014-08-04 17.23.25-Status.jpg2014-08-04 17.23.51-AiProtect.jpg2014-08-04 17.24.06-TrendMicro.jpg2014-08-04 17.24.31-ParentalControl.jpg2014-08-04 17.25.01-TimeScheduling.jpg2014-08-04 17.25.32.jpg2014-08-04 17.25.48.jpg2014-08-04 17.30.30-QoS.jpg2014-08-04 17.31.10.jpg2014-08-04 17.32.06-WebHistory.jpg2014-08-04 17.33.04-USB-apps.jpg2014-08-04 17.33.52-TimeMachine.jpg2014-08-04 17.34.29-AiCloud2.jpg2014-08-04 17.36.36-Sync.jpg2014-08-04 17.36.59.jpg2014-08-04 17.53.03-KeyFeatures.jpg2014-08-04 18.03.03.jpg2014-08-04 18.03.26.jpg2014-08-04 18.04.45.jpg2014-08-04 18.05.10.jpg

ASUS has been doing quite some good effort in developing the ASUSWrt firmware, this new 2nd version just get better, some key new features as follows:

  • System Status : Graphical view for CPU & RAM usage, it reminds me when I login to Synology which has similar graphical view Tongue Out
  • AiProtection - Network Protection (Powered by TrendMicro) : this is the first time I saw a router complete with virus/malicious protection Surprised Devices behind this router is now better protected than before, nice features !
  • AiProtection - Parental Controls : Now you can literally filter/block user by types of traffic, by hourly schedule somemore !
  • Adaptive QoS : now able to monitor individual user's bandwidth in graphical format interactively, also include user web access history. Not quite sure how the "Adaptive" mode works, will have to test it out later ....
  • USB Application : Time Machine is now available, good news to Apple users Smile
  • AiCloud 2.0 : The Sync function is getting better now, USB storage can be used to sync PC/mobile devices, can also cross-sync to other AiCloud2.0 routers, nice man !

Overall the improved ASUSWrt seem promising & exciting, can't wait to test drive Tongue Out

Honestly, when I read the spec, the first thing cross my mind is : what & how am I going to test drive this monster?! Innocent
I worry even my current client toys like the EA-N66 (the famous Pyramid) & PCE-AC66 might not be able to fully test it ....


Stay tuned for more update ....


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