ASUS RT-AC87U (Rev.A1) AC2400

After meeting up with ASUS Malaysia last month, Eric just informed me yesterday and passed me the test unit today
Fresh from factory, probably the first consumer unit in Malaysia/Singapore Surprised
Courtesy & thanks to ASUS Taiwan & Malaysia Laughing

Just created the video, my very first LIVE router unboxing, without any NG Tongue Out

Ladies & gentlemen, this is ASUS's next-gen GENG router, tagline >> INCREDIBLE STARTS HERE <<  !!Cool!!

See below video (480p) if unable to access YouTube above

{mp4}ASUS RT-AC87U-A1 - Unboxing{/mp4}



The device is quite big, in fact the biggest so far I've seen Surprised
Nice packaging, mate feel, design outlook & shape slightly different compare to the usual signature black-knight design
Another new design outlook for ASUS high-end router, nice Cool

Product Information / Reference:

Was waiting for the more stable FW build, it's out officially just few days ago, so can start testing !


UniFi Home Connection

Quickly setup basic UniFi connection, both internet (vlan.500) & IPTV (vlan.600) working without any problem

All ISP specific profile still in-place, including my UniFi-Home Laughing

Native IPv6 with DHCP-PD also working !

One thing to note, I enabled the switch hardware NAT with Level 2 CTF, immediately can feel the page loading much faster than before, geng !!Laughing!!


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