ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Wireless Performance Tests

(Refer to initial post HERE )

Wireless performance tests (2.4GHz & 5GHz) based on my following home setup and testings :

Wireless performance testing scenario/setup as follows :

  • GT-AC5300 HW ver.A
  • Stock Firmware (Released on 5Dec2018)
  • TM UniFi Turbo-ed package 800/200Mbps download/upload
  • LAN iPerf3 test
  • WAN Ookla SpeedTest (Windows desktop version)
  • All laptop/PC with current latest Win10-64bit (Pro/Enterprice) update, all with SSD
  • Run each test connect one device at a time, distance to router around 10ft
  • .

Router setup as follows :

2019-01-04 20.30.48.png2019-01-04 20.31.06.png2019-01-04 20.31.37-2G.png2019-01-04 20.31.58-5G1.png2019-01-04 20.32.20-5G2.png2019-01-04 20.32.57.png2019-01-04 20.33.18.png2019-01-04 20.33.32.png

Note : The testing is solely based on my current setup/configuration/environment, it's for my own reference only and cannot be used for any other comparison or benchmark purposes.

 GT-AC5300 2.4GHz Wireless Performance Tests :

2019-01-07 16.23.38-GT5300.png2019-01-07 16.24.19.png2019-01-07 16.24.41.png2019-01-07 16.25.18.png2019-01-07 16.46.26-USBAC68-GT5300.png2019-01-07 16.46.45.png2019-01-07 16.47.04.png2019-01-07 16.48.03.png2019-01-07 16.53.28.png2019-01-07 17.09.32-PCEAC88.png2019-01-07 17.10.04.png2019-01-07 17.10.20.png2019-01-07 17.10.49.png2019-01-07 17.13.28.png2019-01-07 17.14.27.png2019-01-07 17.15.21.png

GT-AC5300 5GHz-1 Wireless Performance Tests :

2019-01-07 16.32.39-5G1.png2019-01-07 16.32.54.png2019-01-07 16.33.08.png2019-01-07 16.33.32.png2019-01-07 16.35.58.png2019-01-07 16.36.57.png2019-01-07 16.37.51.png2019-01-07 16.54.53-5G1.png2019-01-07 16.55.05.png2019-01-07 16.55.19.png2019-01-07 16.55.31.png2019-01-07 16.57.46.png2019-01-07 16.58.44.png2019-01-07 16.59.40.png2019-01-07 17.16.34-5G1.png2019-01-07 17.16.44.png2019-01-07 17.16.57.png2019-01-07 17.17.10.png2019-01-07 17.21.12.png2019-01-07 17.22.01.png

For the second 5GHz radio band 5GHz-2, ASUS recommend/reserve for gaming purpose.  However, based on my above setup/testing, I'm not getting good/consistent result on the 5GHz-2, almost half of the 5GHz-1 performance. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, I noticed that the default 5GHz-2 channel is set at 149, my guess might be too high channel for my client adapters above, or might require some "special/gaming" client adapter and further setting/adjustment on the router to fully utilize the 5GHz-2 band  ...


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