ASUS RT-AC58U & RT-AC1300UHP Dual-Band AC1300

Qualcomm IPQ4018 Radio AC1300 : 2.4GHz~400Mbps + 5GHz~867Mbps
2x2:2/band Quad Antenna ~Wave2 
Qualcomm IPQ4018 CPU 710MHz (4 cores), 128/128(256)MB Flash/RAM size
Gigabit Ports : 1xWAN / 4xLAN  |  Storage : 1xUSB3

This 2 are brothers adik-abang, exactly the same board and spec, except the AC1300UHP has longer antenna and bigger RAM size 256MB smile

I have not been actively writing/testing and playing with my toys and UniFi for a long time due to many problems/things that happened in the past 2 years ...

Sorry to ASUS Malaysia/Taiwan, for some of the test units which was handed to me a long time ago (like a year ago...), like this 2 units which has been sitting at storeroom until recently I pulled out from dust tongue-out   Will try to find time to review/play around others like the impressive RT-AC86U, GT-5300, Lyra, AiMesh ...


Product Photo


Product information & reference:

A entry-level typical ASUS blacky router with UniFi Vlans ready, overall design and material is simple, footprint is small and light (I like that) with undetachable 4 antenna.  This is non-Broadcom chip/radio, it's a IPQ4018 SoC chip+radio with 4cores 710MHz CPU on a small board, friendly power consumption, should perform decently for not-so-heavy load environment. smile

Turn to the back, noticed both RT-AC58U and RT-AC1300UHP has the same exact FCC ID : MSQ-RTACRH00  :

That's why they are brothers abang-adik wink

Flashed to current latest stock firmware ASUSWRT and setup my UniFi-Home :

2018-09-27 18.42.33-Setup.png2018-09-27 18.43.07.png2018-09-27 18.43.52.png2018-09-27 18.44.38.png2018-09-27 18.44.52.png

Wireless Performance Test

Straight to the point, quick wireless iPerf3 test using my ThinkPad T440 laptop with Intel AC7260 radio, about 12ft distance to the router.

2.4GHz iPerf3 test result :

2018-09-27 17.43.37-WiFi2G.png2018-09-27 18.33.50.png2018-09-27 18.34.02.png2018-09-27 18.34.14.png2018-09-27 18.34.40-DL.png2018-09-27 18.34.51.png2018-09-27 18.35.01.png2018-10-03 14.46.23-2G.png2018-10-03 14.46.47.png2018-10-03 14.47.08.png2018-10-03 14.49.18.png2018-10-03 14.49.27.png2018-10-03 14.49.58.png

5GHz iPerf3 test result :

2018-09-27 17.44.00-WiFi5G.png2018-09-27 18.38.57-5G.png2018-09-27 18.39.59.png2018-09-27 18.40.37.png2018-09-27 18.40.59-DL.png2018-09-27 18.41.22.png2018-09-27 18.41.32.png2018-10-03 14.51.43-5G.png2018-10-03 14.51.53.png2018-10-03 14.52.26.png2018-10-03 14.52.55.png2018-10-03 14.53.11.png2018-10-03 14.53.22.png

Quite impress with the 2.4GHz especially download, not bad for 5GHz at this price range. However, it seems to me that the AC58U has slight better wireless performance than the AC1300UHP, strange innocent...  I also noticed there's no obvious signal difference between this 2, don't be fooled by longer/bigger antenna is good, the radio chip is more important than antenna length.

Next, flash to OpenWRT

Yes, this 2 are OpenWRT-able, and yes UniFi both Vlan.500 & 600 are working wink