OpenWRT ASUS RT-AC58U / RT-AC1300UHP - UniFi Ready (with UniFi Turbo 800Mbps SpeedTest wink )

(Refer to initial post HERE )

Read somewhere that OpenWRT has new target support for IPQ40xx, so check the current latest 18.06.1 release, found out the RT-AC58U is there laughing

However, it seems like the current release switch/vlan support is either incomplete or broken ... took me a while to googling/testing, bricked and rescued yell  Finally found alternate solution to make the Vlan.500 & 600 works.

First, need to add/change "/etc/board.json" as follows, then reboot the router : (basically to use switch LANPort1 as WAN)

Next, change the switch layout or edit the "/etc/network" as follows :

reboot the router, setup the rest as usual will do cool

My usual setup and packages as follows :

2018-10-03 10.46.08-AC58U-OpenWRT.png2018-10-03 10.46.39.png2018-10-03 10.47.38-Packages.png2018-10-03 10.47.50.png2018-10-03 10.48.01.png2018-10-03 10.49.30-Graph.png2018-10-03 10.49.46.png2018-10-03 10.52.08.png2018-10-03 10.52.27.png2018-10-03 10.52.42.png2018-10-03 10.52.54.png

UniFi Turbo Upgrade 800Mbps

While I was testing/playing around this new OpenWRT toy, finally get a message from TM that they've Turbo-ed upgrade me to 800Mbps surprised  (Well, it was really nightmare and pissed me to deal with TM for the free upgrade, finally yell Will talk about that later ...)

So I was thinking to run some quick SpeedTest just to see how well this little can handle the WAN to LAN throughput traffic :

2018-10-06 21.09.01-AC1300UHP.png2018-10-06 21.09.18.png2018-10-06 21.09.31.png2018-10-06 21.20.07-SQM-UL.png2018-10-06 21.20.33.png2018-10-06 21.20.41.png

Quite surprise to me, not bad at all !  The CPU load seem ok, this little IPQ4018 toy can really swallow 800/200Mbps (DL/UL) pretty well, even with those packages I've installed laughing

I turn on the NAT offloading (read somewhere it's new feature built into the 4.4 kernel) and also SQM (CAKE) to handle upload (Egress) traffic only :

Really interesting, I believe the 4-cores CPU does help here, this little toy is going to be 1 of my favourite OpenWRT RG (Router-Gateway) choice kiss

Time to pull out my other OpenWRT toys to SpeedTest 800/200Mbps WAN to LAN throughput performance, stay-tuned ...