ASUS RT-AX86U 2Gbps WANport Performance Tests (iPerf3)

ASUS RT-AX86U WANport 2.5Gbps Performance Tests on OpenWRT x64 PCIE port (rtl8125)
ASUS PCE-AC88 & AX200 wireless test on RT-AX86U's 2.5Gbps WANport

View the following chapters for further details :

0:00 - Preparation (PC x64, PCIE rtl8125)
0:14 - Build/install/setup OpenWRT
0:32 - RT-AX86U setup & 2.5G WANport connection
0:56 - SSH/iPerf3 on RT-AX86U & OpenWRT
1:17 - Tests scenario & setup
1:27 - RT-AX86U 2.5G WANport test with OpenWRT (rtl8125)
1:58 - PCE-AC88 wifi5 test on AX86U's 2.5G WANport (hit ~1Gbps !)
2:32 - AX200 wifi6 test on AX86U's 2.5G WANport (hit ~1.5Gbps !)

Tests Scenario & Setup :

During my previous testings on powerful device like the AX86U and XT8, which even comes with a 2.5Gbps port, it seems I wasn't able to test the device's performance to the fullest since those iPerf3 tests was limited to local lanport max speed of 1Gbps.  With this 2Gbps port setup, it helps to test the device's potential further, and I'm glad to see improvement compared to previous testings, especial the AX200 on AX86U's 5G radio, which is able to hit 1.5Gbps iPerf3 test mark on the 2Gbps WANport laughing.