Unboxing, Look & Feel, Wireless Performance Tests

Thanks ASUS Malaysia for the unit which was delivered to me around Dec'2020 tongue-out

Skip/veiw the following chapters for :
0:00 - Unboxing, look & feel, spec
2:21 - Setting up, TM's UniFi-Home profile
3:00 - Wireless performance test/scenario, wireless 2.4GHz test
3:43 - Wireless 5GHz test

In short, this has to be one of the strongest WiFi signal coverage and performance I've tested so far laughing

Why I like/use/recommend the RT-AX86U :

  • BMC43684 4x4:4 AX radio, really strong range/performance!
  • Newer kernel (currently 4.1.x)
  • External antennas (3 external + 1 internal)
  • ASUSWRT --> frequent official firmware update (even fixed the dnspooq vulnerabilities & the recent FragAttacks vulnerabilities)
  • Solid build & design, classis/legendary the "86-style" standing design cool

Could be better if :

  • Able to support DNS privacy/protection, something like Stubby, DoT, DoH, etc
  • Export/import of Port Forward list
    xtremely useful/helpful after flashing/updating newer firmware and performing Factory Restore)
  • Able to support multiple DDNS entries, and for same DDNS provider

ASUS RT-AX86U photos :


Thanks ASUS Malaysia for the limited white edition twin pack smile

RT-AX55 technical spec : 


Run as my main router on TM-UniFi [800/200Mbps DL/UL] : 

Usually I'll run the main router & wireless for at least 3 days, will only publish/recommend if it can survive my usage/torture tongue-out :

2021-03-26 20.39.01-Home.png2021-03-26 20.39.12-3days.png2021-03-26 20.39.49-2G-list.png2021-03-26 20.40.06-5G-list.png2021-03-26 20.40.18.png2021-03-26 20.40.44-UnifiHome.png2021-03-26 20.41.24-WAN.png2021-03-26 20.41.37-IPv6.png2021-03-26 20.42.01.png2021-03-26 20.42.18.png


Beside fixing early this year's dnspooq vulnerabilities, ASUS already released official firmware around end of last month (link HERE) to fix the recent FragAttack vulnerabilities :

Well done ASUSWrt cool

RT-AX86U AiMesh Performance Tests [RT-AC86U & RT-AX55 as AiMesh Nodes] : 


View the following chapters for further details :
0:00 - Setup/add AiMesh nodes (RT-AC86U & RT-AX55 nodes)
1:30 - AiMesh test setup/scenario, AiMesh test with RT-AX55 node
2:20 - AiMesh test with RT-AC86U node

RT-AX86U 2Gbps WANport Performance Tests :

View the following chapters for further details :

0:00 - Preparation (PC x64, PCIE rtl8125)
0:14 - Build/install/setup OpenWRT
0:32 - RT-AX86U setup & 2.5G WANport connection
0:56 - SSH/iPerf3 on RT-AX86U & OpenWRT
1:17 - Tests scenario & setup
1:27 - RT-AX86U 2.5G WANport test with OpenWRT (rtl8125)
1:58 - PCE-AC88 wifi5 test on AX86U's 2.5G WANport
2:32 - AX200 wifi6 test on AX86U's 2.5G WANport



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