ASUS ZenWiFi AX XT8 Wireless 5G2 AX-only Backhaul Test base on 2x2Gbps Ports on RTL8125port

XT8 on 8.8 huat ah tongue-out

Finally, the ultimate ZenWiFi XT8 AX-only backhaul test to the limit cool :

View the following chapters for further details :

0:00 - Opening/Preparation (2 pcs of PCIE rtl8125)
0:20 - Build/install/setup OpenWRT (to simulate WAN & run iPerf3 server)
0:41 - XT8 AiMesh & 5G2 wireless settings
1:16 - Tests scenario & setup
1:26 - XT8 main unit's WANport 2.5Gbps connected to OpenWRT's rtl8125
1:38 - XT8 mesh node's WANport 2.5Gbps (as LANport) connected to Win10 PC's rtl8125
1:57 - XT8 5G2 wireless AX-only backhaul test (iPerf3 hit ~2Gbps ! surprised



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