ASUS RT-AX55  (Limited White Edition)

Unboxing, Wireless Performance Tests, TM-UniFi Home (800/200Mbps DL/UL)

Wishing all a healthy, happy and prosperous Ox year 2021 !! smile !!

Long story short for the impatient, at RM599 for twin pack limited white edition (~RM300/unit only), this RT-AX55 might well be currently the most value-for-money AX router wifi to consider kiss

Why I like/recommend the RT-AX55 :

  • BMC6755 AX radio
  • Newer kernel (currently 4.1.x)
  • External antennas (2x2.4G + 2x5G)
  • No USB (*note below)
  • ASUSWRT --> frequent official firmware update (even beta fw to fix the recent dnspooq vulnerabilities)
  • Clean/simple design, light weight, limited white edition

*Note : I personally don't prefer router/wifi with extra I/O burden/packages such as USB, I'll run such USB related functions (e.g storage, sharing, download manager, etc) on proper dedicated NAS.

ASUS RT-AX55 photos :


Thanks ASUS Malaysia for the limited white edition twin pack smile

RT-AX55 technical spec : 

 RT-AX55 vs RT-AX56U technical spec :
(essentially both the same, except the AX56U has USB ports with bigger ram size)

 Unboxing, Wireless Performance Tests, TM-UniFi Home (800/200Mbps DL/UL)

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Setup TM-UniFi :
Wireless Performance Tests (~7xxMbps throughput) :
POCO X3 NFC SpeedTest (6xx/2xxMbps DL/UL) :

Run as AP

I use the RT-AX55 as AP mode when needed, usually I'll run/test for at least 3 days especially after each new fw update, just to ensure all my devices are connected ok :

2021-01-19 14.31.14-AX55-3days.png2021-01-19 14.31.35.png2021-01-19 14.32.18.png2021-02-02 03.07.19-AX55-AP-3days.png2021-02-02 03.07.31.png

ASUSWRT already released beta fw (link HERE) to fix the recent dnspooq vulnerabilities (by updating to current latest dnsmasq v2.84x) :

Update : 28Aug2021:

Finally, current latest stock ASUSWrt firmware now comes with DoT (DNS-over-TLS) support on RT-AX55, nice laughing



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