Another Broadcom router from ASUS with 3 digits vlan-tagging support for UniFi !! Laughing
Broadcom [email protected], 8/32MB Flash/RAM, 5 dBi antenna, 3 Years Warranty smilie

As promised, ASUS is fully committed to make most of their routers to be compatible with UniFi, again, my respect & thanks to ASUS team for making the beta firmware for this device  !
This device is cheaper than the higher end RT-N16, one the lower cost Broadcom device with good features, another great option for UniFi users consideration. smilie


Courtesy from ASUS and thanks to Kenneth for the test unit, which was courier from Taiwan, the retail shipment will be arriving in Malaysia soon.

Package box minor dented due to careless courier handling.

The test unit is from Taiwan, that's why the 2-pin plug.

Like any other ASUS router, the finishing is good, even the antenna design is nice with "ASUS" word printed on.
I really like the white colour glossy finishing, it's really WHITE !! Cool

Comparison to the first version RT-N12 ([email protected]), same size, with upgrade Broadcom [email protected] with higher antenna gain.

UniFi in action, blue LED lights with white (white) glossy case, damn cool ! Cool


Technical spec from ASUS & DD-WRT wiki





Stock Firmware Utilities & Manuals (NOT for UniFi !!) :



Click HERE for beta firmware testing on UniFi

Click HERE for beta firmware & setup for UniFi



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