UniFi Beta Firmware Test (


The stock unit comes with firmware version

Like usual, I perform Factory Restore before flashing the beta firmware

After the device re-booted, go straight to flash the beta firmware

DO NOT touch anything until it's fully completed with re-booted screen !!


After flashing the beta firmware & setup successfully, UniFi connected, both internet & IPTV no problem ! Smile




Purposely Disconnect & Renew IP to continue as follows



Test copying a 10GB file from NAS wirelessly to my ACER laptop with built-in Intel Link 5100 AGN, overall transfer rate is around 8MB/s, the highest so far I've tested in similar product class ! I placed the router at ground floor hall area, go upstairs room and into the washroom, 2 concrete wall & doors, can even get 4 bars! smilie



Tested on my D-Link DNS-320 built-in BT client, full speed no problem.


Also tested on my old laptop with LinuxMint-LXDE with qBittorrent client, torrenting wirelessly over the weekend total about 15GB both up/down load without any problem.


QoS  (Manual setup, not using the EzQoS function)

I setup some simple QoS manually (refer to setup page), rung SpeedTest while heavy torrenting, also tested on Xbox360 live, all seem to be working well ! smilie



Tested over the weekend for more than 3 days, no disconnection, lagging or hang issues, this beta firmware is good ! Smile

Total 11 devices connected & tested, mixture of PCs, laptops, NASs, FTPs, media players, mobile phones, LED TV, etc ...


Overall summary:

  • Webgui access is responsive (I'm using the latest Mozilla 8.0)
  • IPTV switching is fast with almost no lag
  • WiFi performance is really impressive at this class, it reminds me his big-brother RT-N16 !
  • The device temperature is low, consider warm only even after more than 3 days of heavy testing, so far this is the least heat router I've tested
  • Overall I'm satisfied with this device, simple yet powerful enough to perform the job, another great UniFi router replacement option !



Click HERE for beta firmware & setup for UniFi



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