Basically the same hardware platform like the RT-N12-B1, now dressed with ASUS latest wave of black + mate design, nice & cool ! Cool

Again, thanks to ASUS team for the consistent effort in making every new router able to work with UniFi with 3 digits vlans Smile


Product photos


New design with black packaging as well

The size, antenna nicer look, slightly shorter than previous RT-N12-B1, overall light weight feel

Port layout the same like RT-N12-B1

Can be wall mounted

Mate design with diamond shape surface feel, nice & cool ! Cool




N12 family photos

The 3 models, growing from the past !

The 3 musketeers, hehe Happy Grin




UniFi in action ....

UniFi in action, both internet vlan.500 & IPTV vlan.600 no problem ! Laughing






Wiki links:


Stock Firmware Utilities & Manuals (NOT for UniFi !!) :


Click HERE for UniFi custom firmware test [ RT-N12C1_2. ]

Click HERE for firmware & setup