ASUS RT-AX55 now with DoT/Stubby support !!

Finally, current latest stock ASUSWrt firmware now comes with DoT (DNS-over-TLS) support on RT-AX55, nice laughing

Lots of CVEs/bugs fixes on current latest firmware as well :

I setup the usual TM-UniFi-Home and use AdGuard's DoT (on both IPv4 & IPv6) :

ASUSWrt's DoT uses Stubby, versions info as follows:

Once PPPoE connected (on vlan.500) and NTP updated, Stubby will re-start/re-initiate :


Stubby configuration, seems a bit different compare to OpenWRT implementation on the listening & resolving part ...


It even comes with DNSfilter feature, can force device (using MAC address) to use specific/custom DNS.  This is extremely useful feature, e.g for concern parents now can setup, say using the AdGuard's Family DNSs, to further block adults/unsuitable contains on their children devices.

I've been talking to ASUS Malaysia for a while on how important to have some level of DNS protection/privacy for today's internet-ing, and I'm glad to see the DoT is finally here ! laughing

It's very rare for consumer router market to have such feature, I believe ASUSWrt is probably one of the pioneer as well as responsible manufacturer, who really commit to fix/release router's firmware/feature continously, and also listen to consumer's feedback/suggest.  Nice job ASUSWrt team again, you guys rock cool

and hopefully to see few other nice features coming soon tongue-out


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